MUMBAI: MahaRERA will develop a framework for quality assurance reporting wherein developers will report quality of material used, workmanship, etc twice a year in a project. The report will be made available to homebuyers to enable them to make an informed decision. MahaRERA wants to establish processes and standards to minimise likelihood of defects occurring in realty projects.


The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act allows a defect liability period and enables an allottee to seek rectification of any structural defect or any other defect in workmanship, quality or services provided by the promoter within five years from date of possession. If the promoter fails to rectify the defects, allottees are entitled to receive compensation.


"MahaRERA is envisaging a situation, wherein the allottee is not forced to seek rectification or even pursue for compensation, if the developer fails to deliver. Therefore, MahaRERA has proposed a proactive approach focussing on quality at the construction phase itself. It will prevent defects from arising in the first place by ensuring rigorous standards, including quality of construction material and workmanship, throughout the construction process. It will ensure a defect-free outcome that adheres to strict quality standards," said a MahaRERA official.


MahaRERA has written to the self-regulatory organisations of developers and sought suggestions for developing the framework for quality assurance reporting.


MahaRERA chairman Ajoy Mehta said MahaRERA has decided to focus on quality of construction to ensure that home buyers do not face problems after taking possession. Therefore, the regulatory body will decide on certain procedures and standards to be followed during construction, which will not only help in securing interests of the customers, but will also help in increasing the credibility of the real estate sector.