Every inch of space matters in a small kitchen. Thus, an intelligently designed kitchen doesn't just look spacious, but stays clutter-free. Everyone loves a stylish and spacious kitchen.


It doesn’t matter what size your kitchen is. If you implement the below listed ideas, you can maximise its function and increase its visual size:


Eliminating a partition (the one that separates the kitchen from the adjoining room), or opting for a glass door instead; replacing a hinged door with a sliding one, or doing away with the door altogether, allow the kitchen to gain more space.


Natural light is essential to make your space look bigger. Additionally, lighting can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Installing indirect lights in the upper cabinets (to illuminate the working area) and wall lights or spotlights in storage and pantry areas, enhances your kitchen.


Light colours tend to reflect light. While white is the safest choice, you can also opt for colours such as light grey, green or blue. Besides, you can opt for dado tiles in lighter tones too as they avoid saturating the space. However, you can allow yourself some liberty and add a special touch to the kitchen with wallpaper, paint, or striking tiles in a specific area where no water damage can be caused.


Kitchen furniture must be meticulously optimised as storage is paramount, especially on the walls. The depth of base units is generally 60 cm because of the size of the appliances, but tall units and columns can reduce their depth to lighten the space. It also works to replace tall furniture with visually lighter shelves. Of course, you must keep them in perfect order to avoid clutter. And to complement them, the trolleys or auxiliary shelves are an option to store.


To install an island in the kitchen, space is certainly required, but there are multiple kitchen island models in the market designed for smaller kitchens. You can use them as extra work surfaces and storage space. If the kitchen is open to the living room, it is an excellent solution to delimit the environment. You can also use a piece of furniture as an island or the dining table.