They say change is the only constant and as far as moving up in life is concerned, we always have to be ready for a change. It may come in the form of a new job, which may require you to change cities or some other form. And if you do decide to move, you will find yourself shifting cities, moving houses, learning to adapt to a new place. Moving to a new home is a huge transformation, and many people may find it difficult, stressful even. And why not! After all, a home, whether rented or under your name, holds a lot of memories since it’s a place where you spent a chunk of your life. Therefore, suddenly when you are left with packing all those years of your life into neat little boxes, it can be an overwhelming experience and also nerve-racking. Moving those delicate pieces of cutlery, making sure you know how many boxes you have packed or the fact that you don’t break your back in the process, all of it is a lot of work. But worry not. We have made a shortlist of some tips and tricks to make your move ahead easy and smooth.


1. Declutter And Eliminate :

Yes, we all have bought things that we never used. It can be a couple of pieces of cutlery, some shoes, or even a new sweater that won’t fit anymore. And trust us, all of this stuff will only occupy space in your new dream home. So, before you start filling the boxes with the things to carry to your new home, start getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need or will not be using anymore. This is going to be a hard process since you will have memories attached to many things that you may not need, but remember to be strong and practical. By doing so, you will actually put less load on the amount of stuff you have to carry over and will also have room in the new home for newer stuff.


2. Make A Plan:

When you move to a new home, there are a hundred things you need to keep in mind and it just may happen that you may forget a thing or two. Hence, it’s important to plan ahead of time. Moving is made efficient when one has a plan as to what they are doing. If you start moving things randomly, not only will you be stressed because of the chaos, you will also not have sufficient time for the move. Make notes on your phone and remember that no little detail is insignificant. Make a timetable regarding what stuff you want to be moved and when. Then use a moving checklist to see and calculate your progress.


3. Use Labels:

Moving is made easier when everything is segregated according to categories and is labeled properly. Before you begin packing, create a system to sort all your belongings. Then as you start packing, put each belonging in their assigned box and label the box in all four directions so everyone knows what’s in there. If the box is of delicate cutlery or electronics, label the word fragile over and over on every side, so that the people from the moving company know that this box needs to be handled with care. Lastly, no one is asking to pack one category all at once, it’s okay to go slowly and take your time figuring out stuff. Once you get the hang of it, things will be pretty easy and orderly.


4.  Ask For Help:

No one ever said that moving is a one-person job. You always require an extra set of hands to make sure your move is smooth and hassle-free. During these times, what are friends for! Ask them to come over and help you declutter your fashion closet and spend some time having fun. Your friends can help you move boxes into the truck or maybe your family can help pack your stuff neatly into boxes. Lastly, do not forget to call professional packers and movers and give them detailed information about your moving day, the number of boxes you have, moving coverages, among other important points. Pick a moving company that is recommended by others and can be trusted with your belongings and you are set to have a seamless moving day.


5. Focus On One Room At A Time:

It’s hard to figure out where you should start packing and how, so go through one room at a time. This will help you stay more organized and also help you figure out what you have packed and what you haven’t. Start with rooms you don’t use often, like the dining room, and leave the bedroom for the last day.


Moving is hard and stressful, but we hope with these few tips, we are of some help to you in making the big move. Now, go do some work, because the boxes won’t fill themselves.