Since the beginning of time, stone has been the most popular building material. In fact, some of the most historically significant buildings that still exist were once made from stone. Forts, palaces, memorials, religious places and such built centuries ago still draw our gaze and inspire admiration.


Before the advent of bricks, stone was the only readily available natural construction material, so it was only natural that our ancestors toiled hard to build with them. With changing times and construction technology, many new and lighter materials have replaced stone. It reduces the weight of natural stone, saves construction cost, and renders a beautiful look that only natural stones can offer a building. Stone cladding was one way for architects and designers to remain truthful to the durability, beauty, and irresistible charm of stone.


Advantages of stone cladding

It wouldn’t be wise to invest in stone cladding for the sake of looks alone. Stone cladding comes with a lot of advantages, let’s take a look at some of them.


Weather proof

Needless to say that stones are some of the strongest and toughest materials known to man. Stones can stand the wear and tear of nature like excessive heat, cold, and rains. Stone cladding on the exterior walls help protect the walls of your home from natural elements for many years to come.


Provides an insulating effect

As stone cladding shields walls from the weather outside, it inadvertently provides an insulating effect to the rooms whose outer walls it adorns. Whether you’re running an AC during summers or a heater during winters, stone cladding helps you retain the desired temperature for a longer time.


Cost effective

Though stones may seem like a costly affair to begin with, they save home owners from many hidden costs. Stone cladding helps cut costs with painting, reduces electricity consumption for its insulating qualities, and maintenance costs.


Easy maintenance

With stone clad walls, you can skip painting for years to come. A simple wash will give your home exterior an all-year-long fresh look. Or simply leave it to the rains to give your walls a good wash!


An array options

With stone cladding, home owners are free to experiment with colours, designs, patterns, and so much more. There are limitless ways to beautify your home with natural stone cladding and one is free to explore every possible way.