Everybody enjoys the rains that offer a much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat. However, sometimes the weather can be a mood dampener casting a gloomy aura around your home. Before the monsoon settles in, get started on your pre-monsoon home makeover project with these quick styling tips.


BRING IN COLOUR: The cloudy atmosphere can sometimes be dreary. Add bursts of colour to enliven the space with a cheery appeal. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint—you can experiment with an array of textures. Go for decals or stencils that spell style and individuality. The best part is that you can change them according to the season, or your mood. Stash away the browns, greys and blacks, and elevate your furnishings with bright reds, pinks, greens and blues. Thick floor rugs and carpets are a no-no; instead, if you must have something on the floor, pick light jute or cotton, which does not absorb moisture or can be washed and dried quickly. Sheer, lightweight cotton or chiffon drapes in pastel shades can brighten up the ambience and make it look capacious.


KEEP IT FRESH : Good ventilation through the house will keep the musty odour away. If leaving windows open is not an option, then invest in a dehumidifier that will control the moisture in the room and keep the air fresh. Another great idea is to introduce plants indoors. Plants absorb the moisture in the air. Flowering plants such as peace lilies, hibiscus, jasmine or rose not only add colour, but they also exude joyfulness and positivity. Rearrange your furniture and move them away from the walls and windows so that there’s an uninterrupted flow of air around them. Grouping furniture near the wall or window tends to absorb the moisture which breeds mildew and fungus.


CREATE COSY NOOKS : A common feature during the monsoons is the gloomy tone that is often cast across the living space. The best way to brighten up dark spaces is by illuminating them. Lamps can infuse even the smallest of spaces with the right amount of brightness and warmth. Standing floor lamps and candles can get rid of shadows in dark corners and offer peripheral illumination that brightens up the entire room. String along pretty fairy lights across window curtain rods, or even doorways to illuminate your space.


Occasionally, take some time to pause and enjoy the weather. Create a snug nook near the window where you can, once in a while, rest your cup of tea, while you immerse yourself in a good book or enjoy a heartwarming conversation with a loved one. Prop up an old wooden armchair, a lounger, or one made of cane, in a spot where you have an unhindered view of the sky or the outdoors. Throw in a cushion or two on it to add a touch of warmth. Place a shawl or thick stole to wrap around yourself when it gets cool. Lastly, add a footstool or an ottoman to create a cosy, cheerful spot in your bedroom or living room.


TABLE THEM UP : Elegant and functional, side tables can complement your living space. Turn them into a breakfast or teatime table complete with a kettle and tea tray. Nested tables are a chic furniture accessory; as they are stackable, they act as a great space-saving option. Pedestal, laptop and tripod tables are contemporary pieces that add a dash of character to your work from home (WFH) space. Opt for pieces in bright hues or neon shades for a burst of colour.


This season, with a few decor updates, transform your home into a space that brings happiness, irrespective of the change in weather.