“There’s No Such Thing As Being Too Floral.”

The quote fits right into the latest trend of floral interior designs. Decorating with flowers is a fantastic technique to make a one-of-a-kind statement in interior design that is becoming increasingly fashionable.

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A Monsoon Makeover For Your Home


Everybody enjoys the rains that offer a much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat. However, sometimes the weather can be a mood dampener casting a gloomy aura around your home. Before the monsoon settles in, get started on your pre-monsoon home makeover project with these quick styling tips.

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Are You Looking for Home Loan for Under Construction Flats?

Many people are now opting to buy under-construction flats, as they can be purchased at a lesser price as compared to ready-move-in flats. Usually under-construction properties are priced at least 20% less than completed projects and are incorporated with many latest features and amenities. Another benefit is that if you are taking a home loa...

How to Maximize Space in your Home?

We all love staying in a spacious house that gives a sense of extra happiness and comfort. But most often we all end up staying in smaller apartments that are close to our workplaces. But don’t worry; there are some easy ways by which you can maximize the space in your house or apartment. Readjusting the lighting, wall colors, furniture...

Energy Conservation Tips for Hot Summer

The pressure is on! It’s time to devise a strategy for conserving energy and avoiding soaring electricity costs this summer. Aside from being an environmental disaster, these hot summer days can also be a financial disaster. You spend most of your energy budget on heating and cooling your house. With your air conditioner working 24 hour...

How to Protect Your Balcony Garden in Summer?

Summer is, without a doubt, one of the finest seasons on the planet. Individuals who live in cities and have balconies are subjected to direct sunshine in the summer. Many of us associate summer with hot days at the beach or in the garden, sprinklers on the newly mown grass, cricket on the radio or television, and lounge rooms strewn with wr...

Color Psychology & Interior Design

Have you ever felt the aura or energy when you walk into a room? A red room fills you with energy, or when you walk into a lovely neutral living room, do you feel calm?


Use Your Small Kitchen Space Smartly

Every inch of space matters in a small kitchen. Thus, an intelligently designed kitchen doesn't just look spacious, but stays clutter-free. Everyone loves a stylish and spacious kitchen.


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Eco-friendly ways to keep your place cool in the hot summer

Summer has come and we cannot escape the summer heat, it’s only the beginning. We have more days to go. So, the only left is to find ways to beat the summer heat. You may be thinking that air conditioners and coolers are the permanent and reliable solutions to that. But let me tell you that if you get yourself used to the idea of turnin...

An Active Life Is a Healthy Life – Reasons Why It’s Vital to Have an Active Lifestyle

In today’s competitive world, everyone is striving hard to reach the peak of success. While you are chasing success, you often forget to care about your health. However, you need to stay healthy to keep moving ahead in life.

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Hanging light ideas to enhance your homes style quotient

Lighting is a part of ambiance. And if you are looking for hanging light ideas, you’ve come to the right place.


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How colors influence the vibrant decor of your home?

Your home is the shelter for your mind and body. It allows you to relax and feel happy. It makes you separated from the chaotic and busy outer world. So, renovating your home occasionally is important to make it fresh always. Remember, there may be countless options available in the market to revamp your space but choosing the appropriate sha...

Simple Tips That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

We all want a large and spacious bedroom, but due to many factors like increased property values, scarcity of land, prototypical bedroom designs, etc. we may not be able to make this a reality. But that should not stop you from having a bedroom that is comfortable and looks bigger as we have some tips for you that will help you make a small b...

All you need to know about Stone Cladding

Since the beginning of time, stone has been the most popular building material. In fact, some of the most historically significant buildings that still exist were once made from stone. Forts, palaces, memorials, religious places and such built centuries ago still draw our gaze and inspire admiration.

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Tips to find the right real estate agent

Buying or selling a home is often the biggest transaction most people make throughout their lives. During the fairly overwhelming process, we make many decisions that affect the final outcome; one such decision is to find a real estate agent. Real estate agents, realtors, or brokers – as they are known more commonly – are professi...

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