Simple ways to make your home pet-friendly

Having a pet can improve the quality of your life multifold. Their unconditional love and company are unmatchable. However, before you plan on getting a furry friend, it is mandatory to check if your house is entirely safe and comfortable for it. Like you, even they deserve a safe and homely environment to play in and grow up around. We often...

Advantages of owning a house over renting it!

Having a house that we can call our own is everyone’s dream. We work for our entire life to fulfill this dream. The desire to make our loved ones happy. But while making this dream come true, a big question arises from within.


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Ideas for a Functional and Organized Kitchen in a Spacious House

A kitchen is one of the hardworking spaces in the house. A kitchen is where you have family discussions, host friends and family and hang out with them. When you enhance the organization and the functionality of the kitchen, it looks spacious and serves the purpose well. Having a spacious kitchen is the need of the hour. If you are planning t...

Why buying residential property is a safe bet for future real estate investments?

There has always been a clear conclusion that buying real estate in India does not necessarily means making profits. This notion has been in effect ever since the whole concept of buying property came into existence. However, with many alterations over the past few years the norm has defied the age old observations and has brought about a muc...

What are Carpet Area, Built-up Area and Super-Built-up Area?

Nowadays, finding a home of one's choice has become both easy and risky because of the wide variety of options available to choose from. A number of builders are out there providing you all that you require in a dream home in terms of construction, infrastructure, and much more.

5 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Home into A Smart Home

Technology is making our lives easier by the day. Smart technology is a trend, which only seems to go upwards. With so many people welcoming technology in their lives, it is not a surprise that smart technology has entered our homes too. A smart home is a concept that is attracting many homebuyers. With just the click or tap on your smartphon...

Creative Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright

If you feel that the walls of your house are closing in on you, then it is about time you start thinking of redoing the house. It not always possible to break down walls and add an extension to your home. It is a costly and time-consuming affair. If you want to make your home feel brighter and spacious, then you have reached the right place. ...

Tips to get more sunlight in the house

If you’re struggling to draw in more natural light, give this a read before you seriously start considering making major renovations! A few tweaks here and there are all you need, to ensure your house basks in the sunlight.


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Guide for Choosing Your Dream Apartment

Moving or relocating is exciting. However, there are many things, which you have to keep in mind. From finding, a house at a good location, equipped with all amenities, has the right valuation and what not! To search for your dream apartment is something that you should do with utmost care. Is the flat in a good location? Does it have all the req...

Some Features That Define a Luxury Home

The definition of a dream house will be different for different people. What makes a dream home lavish and luxurious are its features—be it interiors, facilities, or amenities. If these features remain the same, then what makes a luxury house stand out?

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All about wallpapers!

Crazy about wallpapers?  And why shouldn't one be? They are completely ergonomic and aesthetic interior decoration option when it comes to a home or office. From cartoons, abstract designs, to beautiful landscapes & motivational thoughts; you can choose from a myriad of options. Wallpapers add ...

The New Commercial Hub of Mumbai - Andheri East

As the commercial capital of India, it comes as no surprise that most of the business and commercial offices in India, find their home in Mumbai. Business or commercial districts comprise of private and government offices, business conglomerates, and the likes. Some of the well-known hubs in the city include:

Brighten up your home with fantastic colours!

Happy colours, happy home, happy you! Colours add vibrancy & give an innate comfort to your home. Well painted walls add to the aesthetic appeal of any home.


5 Reasons That Make Luxury Living in South Mumbai a Good Idea

Mumbai is a city of dreams where every person aspires to own a house. In the heart of the city sits South Mumbai, which is a rising residential, commercial, and social hub. Lifestyle at South Mumbai is an epitome of what luxury living in Mumbai looks like. Full of a lavish and sprawling neighborhood, South Mumbai adds glamour to the Mumbai c...

New vs Resale property - Which property is a better choice?

There are lots of strategies required to follow up when planning to sell your property. Things vary on the present status. Is it a new property for resale or have you reside for the last many years and now desirable to sell it? Or is it already rented to somebody at the time you are desirable to sell it out?

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