William J. Benet once said: `Home is a shelter from storms -all sorts of storms.' His quote holds true and will continue to do so forever. A major part of a person's life is pawned to the expectations, longing and the run for the resources to secure a good `nest' for oneself. It isn't necessarily the premonitions of a luxurious abode, rather anything that has four walls and a roof to shade the emotions and the body of a person. And what if the same `home' is reduced to mere dust? What if the `home' ceases to fathom the feelings of the owner? What if the nature turns its tables on its inhabitants? The what.. Ifs never end, and so do the uncertainty factor. One of the major threats that hover around the plains of Gujarat/ Delhi/ Utter Pradesh/ Punjab / Himachal is the onset of tremors, briefly and largely felt at regular intervals; the environmental studies confirm the fact that we fall under the danger zone in the matter of earthquakes. This is exactly when insurance comes into the picture. The very definition of insurance states that it places a person in the very position that he/she was in before the damage happened...yet; almost 95 per cent of the houses across Gujarat/ Delhi/ Utter Pradesh/ Punjab / Himachal are uninsured, which lit really means that we are taking the nature for granted.

There is a risk of something bad happenning, and we all live by it, every second, but the harsh truth is...that we aren't prepared.


A house is a necessity, which takes up a lion's share of investment of a person's life, and it's high time that we treat it as the same and stop neglecting the fact that danger will strike in one way or the other. Insurance for houses opens up many features than just the wear and tear involved in natural calamities.

We consider property home insurance closer to the terms of calami ties and Act of God, which comes handy when something untoward happens geographically, but it actually is a broader aspect, which also consists of the things within the house, whether it is the domestic appliances, the electrical installations, the people staying in it, the jewellery...even your personal baggage is covered.

“A lot of people cite the reasons of the rarity of occurrence to neglect this important necessity. We need to be prepared for the uncertainty, which will strike...why to wait for something bad to happen to make us realize the importance. People go haywire and invest everything into buying good flats, bungalows et al; a part of it should go in its insurance as well. It's a gesture of being alert for something that has been sheltering us,“ Mr. Amandeep , an administrative officer, of a leading insurance company points out. Today, when we are spoilt for choices regarding the general insurance scenario, the fact of insuring one's house, should be on the top of the list. After all, it isn't just fire, tempest, floods and earthquakes that we are protected against, but also the moral hazards that plague the generation.

A number of public and private sector insurance companies, offer house insurance with attractive features which shouldn't go by unnoticed. The premium starts anywhere between Rs 1000-2000, and go beyond Rs 20000-25000 for a good, furnished house.

It's time to wake up, it's time to be wise...and get your house insured. Remember, insurance is more than just a product...it's an assurance to live fearlessly.


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