Demonetisation of high value notes opens up gates for affordable housing across the sector.

With an unex pected move by Prime Min ister Narendra Modi, the property market has impacted a lot. Demonetisaion of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, no doubt, came as a big knockdown on the land and property markets in India. Top industry voices and realty ex perts corroborate that the cash bubble in India's real estate which has made buying a home unaffordable for a majority of Indians has busted with this move.Realtor Ram Barot says, “This can be seen as a perfect time to invest; the actual buyers will be out now. Hoarding, artificial inflation, parking black money by investing in real estate as well as murky transactions that came in way of genuine consumers are ruled out now. Thus, this shall act as a motivating factor for the buyers.“

This is also a challenging phase for realtors as the property prices have come down.Builder Navin Shah explains, “This shall affect the unorganised players more than any other. The primary market will not be very disturbed as the inventory was sold to end-users who availed home loans. This move shall generate positive results in run. “ Immediate outcome of this move slashed property prices have stirred and encouraged real buyers who had been sitting in the fence due to the uncertainty and lack of trust in the realty market.Raghvesh Tithe, a retired officer, avers, “Now property has got cheaper and unruly practices have been weeded out and now. I shall invest in property now, “ he concludes.